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Volunteer Scholarship Available- Deadline May 30th

A total of $500 or Two $250 scholarships will be awarded to one or two students.  Attending a two year or four-year college or Approved training class in the field of Firefighting or Prevention who is a Shelton High School Senior or a current member of volunteer association or in the Explorer program.  Recipients are [...]

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We are Hiring!- Shelton High School Seniors

We are seeking motivated Shelton High School Seniors who are interested in a possible career in the fire service. With the upcoming wildland fire season, we are employing seasonal firefighters for the summer months. Applications are due April 26th! Look at the application below:

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We are Hiring!- Full time Firefighter position

Mason Fire District #4 is seeking qualified individuals for an immediate full-time firefighter position, and to establish an eligibility list. The position performs firefighting activities in combating, extinguishing, preventing fires, provide emergency medical services, and other work-related activities. Applications are due May 9th!

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Answering your call

Mason County Fire District #4 so far through March 20, 2019 has had the privilege of helping our neighbors: Total Calls: 340 District and volunteer firefighters respond to a wide range of fire incidences, including: Residential firesCommercial structure firesVehicle firesBrush fires So far this year they have responded to 140 calls. Mason County District #4 [...]

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Apply for the 2017 Fire Association Scholoarships

 FIRE ASSOCIATION SCHOLARSHIPS Each year Mason Fire District # 4 Association scholarship committee meets choose recipients of their scholarship awards.  Remember to apply for the 2017 awards. CONGRATULATIONS LETICIA AND SHAYLYNN!

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