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Congratulations and Welcome to our new firefighters

Jeff Hanes, is the district’s first full-time firefighter. Erik McAuley has returned from the North Bend Academy, after successfully creating new firefighters for the state. We have two new part-time firefighters. Travis Sherman and Jeremiah Miller. Reach out and introduce yourself, congratulate, and welcome them back.   Bob Burbridge Chief, Mason Fire #4  

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Congratulations to our new Firefighters 1

We are  pleased to announce Angus Carpenter, Joeseph McGrew, Colton "Carl" Schmidt and Elizabeth Skelton have successfully passed their FF1 practical test this weekend. We celebrated their achievements from the academy on April 10th at 1900 in the Shelton High School Auditorium. Congratulations on completing the academy!! Greg Seals Training Officer  

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