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Changes in our District

February 12, 2015


ln recent months, we have discussed, planned, and generated change within the fire district. Thank you for your input, time, and energy through these processes. ln an effort to maintain open communications, I ask a few minutes of your time, to share current information. The Board of Commissioners has moved us forward, with a planned organizational model projected out to 2018. The desired organizational model has a built-in objective of four on-duty personnel, around the clock. We expect this to offer a safer workplace; adequate personnel at hand to carry out our mission, and maintain our vision to stop fire at the room of origin, save more lives, and do so with a long-term effective financial model.

A renewed resident program is ready to market target audiences, we have new requirements for volunteers, and our current operational model requires review with you. In 2010, we averaged four personnel responding for medical aid incidents, and an average of seven responders for motor vehicle incidents. Over the past four years, our numbers of personnel available have declined. Currently, we average two personnel per incident, while acknowledging 20% of the calls in 2014, were handled by a single responder. Think about this for a minute, last year, 206 incidents were handled by one of us. This brings about safety issues, for our community, and to the men and women of District #4.

The resident firefighter program has been redesigned, offering a modest stipend, tuition assistance, and many levels of training and experience. We will be casting a regional and national net to advertise our district. Our partners at North Mason Fire Authority (through grants) have offered their assistance with job fairs, VA programs, and regional public gatherings. We always need your help, sharing opportunities for our youth, and your neighbors. We currently have five resident positions available, with private rooms. To read more.….  Chief’s Blog February 12 2015