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ABOUT Mason Fire #4

Mason County Fire District 4 started as Southside Volunteer Fire Department around 1945, whose jurisdictional lines duplicated the Southside School District. On February 4, 1950, Arcadia Loop Fire District was chartered, and provided additional protection south to the Arcadia-Brumbough Rd (now Cole Rd.). Arcadia Loop Fire District and the Kamilche Fire Auxiliary joined forces in 1970, and became what is now Mason County Fire District #4.


This new protection area included the Squaxin Island Tribe, and areas up to Thurston and Grays Harbor County lines. District #4 serves 52 square miles, with a varying population of 8000 to 12,000 depending on season and Little Creek Casino events.

Mason County Fire District #4 responds to around 1,700 calls every year, with 24/7 staffing made up of full-time and part-time Firefighter/EMT's.

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